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Welcome to the Columbus Professional Fire Fighter's Website, IAFF Local 67. Local 67 is the exclusive bargaining unit representing the men and women of the Columbus, Ohio Division of Fire from the rank of Fire Fighter through Assistant Chief. Fifteen hundred (1500) strong, our members are dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Columbus.

Our Fire Fighters serve the citizens of Columbus with a wide range of services, including but not limited to structural fire fighting, advanced life support paramedic service, technical rescue, hazardous materials response, fire prevention education and inspections, bomb squad and arson investigation.

The Columbus Professional Fire Fighters also has a proud affiliation with the International Association of Fire Fighters and the Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters.

All members of Local 67 and their families are aware of the danger that is associated with our profession as Professional Fire Fighters. We accept this responsibility and thank the citizens and guests of the City of Columbus for the opportunity to serve them.

Enjoy this site, and please feel free to contact us with your comments.

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Injured On Duty/ Retirement Guidelines

Attention: If you are injuried "on duty" go to the "Members" tab, then "Document Library" tab, then go to "Start here" to begin your paper work. 

If You are planning on retiring soon, go to the "Document Library" tab and click on "Start here for retirements".

If you have any questions regarding the OP&F sponsored health care program, please call UnitedHeathcare at (888) 832-0964, (and press 1) Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5p.m. EST>


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54 Years of Service

1. August 1964 – first representation of Local 67 (took over from John King who had represented the Local since 1938).
2. Local President – Smitty.
3. M.E. Sensenbrenner was Mayor.
4. Continued through 14 changes in Local Presidents.
5. Wrote the original draft of the Statewide Pension law (ORC Chapter 742).
6. Represented the State Association (OAPFF) in defending the Statewide Pension Law before the Ohio Supreme Court in Martins Ferry v State of Ohio.
7. Represented the State Association before the Supreme Court in establishing the principle that a disability award under the Pension Law did not preclude an additional award under the Workers’ Compensation statute.
8. City of Columbus v. Cliff Weate (a long story)
9. Out lasted a 1969 effort by the City to remove the position of Assistant Chief from the competitive class of civil service (another long story – the primary point being the value of solidarity and Chief Strickfaden.)
10. The Local had a written agreement with the City from the mid-1970s, but the first contract under the then newly enacted State Employment Relations Act was effective in 1986. I represented the Local in the negotiations toward the 1986 contract and in all subsequent negotiations through the present contract, although Tom Palmer had the primary oar in the 2017 bargaining.
11. The Local has been extremely well led by its officers over the 54 years of my relationship with the Local. And, I am proud and happy that Tom has now taken on the role. Since 1986 the best news has been “fair and reasonable.”
12. The Local was my first client, and was the last client for which I preformed services before my 1/2/19 retirement. And it was the client which provided the most fun, the best stories, and the best friends.

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Right to Work

Here is a over head view of the "Right to Work" rally held Saturday February 24th at the State House. President Montgomery would like to thank the Local 67 members who stood in the rain along with Union members from across the State of Ohio to show their displeasure and lack of support for this bill that is currently being heard by Legislators at the State House.

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For the Health and Well-Being of Columbus Firefighters

free resource website supported by IAFF Local 67 and the Columbus Division of Fire

Built by local Firefighters for local Firefighters

Local 67 in cooperation with the Columbus Division of Fire has created LiveWell4Fire to provide a resource hub to support the health and well-being of all firefighters. LiveWell4Fire provides free resources, anonymous assessments, and planning tools for Columbus Firefighters.

Anonymously Navigate Resources for Life’s Needs

Our mission is to create a support mechanism that helps firefighters and their families remain physically, financially and mentally fit throughout there career as a Columbus Firefighter.

Dedicated to the physical and mental health of all Firefighters

Local 67 represents more than 1,500 firefighters that serve the City of Columbus, Ohio. We account for 32 stations with members responding to 161,693 runs annually.


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Retirement Momento

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Station 67 now has Fire/Gravemarks in either Brass or Aluminum with or without Flags for sale.

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